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Coating Specialists

1300 new positions on the Virginia Peninsula from 2012 to 2016

Start: $ 14.97/hr. $ 31,100/yr.
Ave: $ 18.71/hr. $ 38,900/yr.


Employer website, Peninsula Worklink, Virginia Employment Commission

Newport News Shipbuilding Apprentice School, Thomas Nelson Community College (Available in 2012)

Virginia Wizard


Job Description: Also known as surface prep technicians. Set up, operate, or tend heating equipment, such as heattreating furnaces, flame-hardening machines, induction machines, soaking pits, or vacuum equipment to temper, harden, anneal, or heat-treat metal or plastic objects.

Education Needed: High School or equivalent with vocational training, or OJT

Career Pathway: A few weeks of on-the-job training is sufficient for most workers to learn basic machine operations, but a year or more is required to become a highly-skilled operator or setter. Employers generally prefer workers who have a high school diploma or equivalent for jobs as machine setters, operators and tenders. Those interested in this occupation can improve their employment opportunities by completing high school courses in shop and blueprint reading and by gaining a working knowledge of the properties of metals and plastics. A solid math background, including courses in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and basic statistics, also is useful, along with experience working with computers. Job opportunities and advancement can be enhanced by becoming certified in a particular machine skill. There are many trade groups that offer certification for machine operators and setup workers, and certifications vary greatly depending upon the skill level involved. Certifications may allow operators and setters to switch jobs more easily because they can prove their skills to a potential employer. Advancement usually takes the form of higher pay and a wider range of responsibilities. With experience and expertise, workers can become trainees for more highly skilled positions; for instance, it is common for machine operators to move into setup or machinery maintenance positions. Setup workers may also move into maintenance, machinist, or tool and die maker roles. Skilled workers with good communication and analytical skills can move into supervisory positions.

WorkKeys Scores Needed:: Bronze level: Applied Math (3), Reading for Information (3), Observation (4) and Locating Information (3)

October 31, 2020


1) Review Essential Skills Below.  Take our skills check up to see how you qualify against employer standards.

2) Visit Employer website, Peninsula Worklink, Virginia Employment Commission to learn about education and training programs.

3) Current employers of record for Coating Specialists:
Davis Boat, Newport News Shipbuilding

Essential Skills for Coating Specialists

Technical Skills
Judgment and Decision Making: considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions, choose the most appropriate one.
Quality Control Analysis: conducting tests and inspections of products, services or processes to evaluate quality or performance.

Communicates effectively with customers and fellow employees.
Can present simple ideas and issues to an audience in an understandable manner.
Articulates problems and participates in team discussions and debates.
Listens well and applies what is learned.
Reads and applies safety warnings and simpler equipment instructions.
Follows directions correctly.
Reads and uses manuals to solve problems.
Follows written reporting procedures correctly with minimum errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation to
write simple unformatted reports for internal-to-the-company consumption, and simple letters, summaries and reports for external-to-company consumption.
Translates situations into verbal and written descriptions to clarify problems.

Workplace Skills
Creativity, innovation, adaptation: contributes new ideas and adapts to changes in the workplace.
Diversity awareness and application: communicates and works well with customers and coworkers of different ages, genders, races, socioeconomics, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.
Professional ethics: abides by workplace policies and laws and demonstrates personal integrity.
Personal hygiene and safety: follows safety guidelines and manages personal health.

Technology Skills
Internet use and safety: uses the Internet appropriately for work-related projects.
Software applications: learns computer applications as needed to do job.

Professional Skills
Personal appearance: appears neat and clean and presents well as a job applicant or employee or candidate seeking promotion.
Time and resource management: punctual, timely with work deadlines, manages time and other resources well.
Lifelong learning: demonstrates desire for continuous learning and interest in new procedures and technology and in improving skills.
Team player: demonstrates commitment to the success of the team, assists others, requests help when needed and resolves conflicts effectively.
Positive work ethic: arrives ready to work, is supportive of accomplishing tasks at hand, completes work assignments in effective and efficient way and is willing to take on additional tasks.
Reasoning, problem solving: identifies, breaks down, prioritizes and resolves problems that arise in completing assigned tasks.
Locating information: knows how to research, locate and ethically apply reliable information to solve problems.
Systems thinking: understands his or her role in fulfilling the mission of this workplace.