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150 new positions on the Virginia Peninsula from 2012 to 2016

Start: $ 26.65/hr. $ 55,400/yr.
Ave: $ 41.98/hr. $ 87,300/yr.


Employer website, Peninsula Worklink, Virginia Employment Commission

Newport News Shipbuilding Apprentice School

Virginia Wizard


Job Description: Plan, direct or coordinate the work activities and resources necessary for manufacturing products in accordance with cost, quality and quantity specifications.

Education Needed: Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree

Career Pathway: Because of the diversity of manufacturing operations, there is no standard preparation for this occupation. Most employers prefer to hire workers with a college degree in business administration, management, industrial technology or industrial engineering and who have experience in some part of production operations. Some companies will hire well-rounded graduates from other fields who are willing to spend time in production operations to gain experience before advancing to upper-management. Some managers start as production workers, then supervisors before being selected for management. To increase the chance of promotion, workers can expand their skills by obtaining a college degree, demonstrating leadership qualities or taking company-sponsored courses to learn additional skills. An increasing number of employers are looking for candidates with graduate degrees in industrial management or business administration, particularly for positions at larger plants where managers have more oversight responsibilities. Combined with an undergraduate degree in engineering, either of these graduate degrees is considered good preparation. Managers who do not have graduate degrees often take courses in decision sciences providing them with techniques and statistical formulas that can be used to maximize efficiency and improve quality. Although certification in various quality and management systems is not required for manager jobs, it may improve job prospects. A proven record of superior performance may lead to advancement to plant manager or vice president of manufacturing or to consulting.

WorkKeys Scores Needed:: Silver level: Applied Math (4), Reading for Information (4), Locating Information (4) and Teamwork (4). Job Title in ACT Occupational Profile is Production Inspectors, Testers, etc.

October 31, 2020


1) Review Essential Skills Below.  Take our skills check up to see how you qualify against employer standards.

2) Visit Employer website, Peninsula Worklink, Virginia Employment Commission to learn about education and training programs.

3) Current employers of record for Managers:
Alcoa-Howmet Hampton, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. / InBev., Alcoa-Howmet Hampton, Canon Virginia, Inc., Continental AG Newport News (Siemens VDO) PrintPack, Inc. (Rampart Packaging Division), Newport News Shipbuilding

Essential Skills for Managers

Technical Skills
Judgment and Decision Making: considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions choose the most appropriate one.
Quality Assurance: e.g., SPC, ISO, supplier certification.
Troubleshooting: determining causes of operating errors and deciding what to do.

Easily translates a word problem in to a computational one.
Adds and subtracts whole numbers, including negative numbers.
Changes numbers from one form to another using whole numbers, fractions, decimals or percentages. Converts simple calculations with money, volume, length and weight.
Adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides all units of measurement.
Combines ratio, rate and percentage.
Draws and interprets bar graphs.
Performs mathematical calculations using decimals and fractions.

Communicates effectively with customers and fellow employees.
Articulates problems and participates in team discussions and debates, speaking well before an audience. Listens well and applies what is learned.
Reads and applies safety warnings and simpler equipment instructions. Reads and uses manuals and follows directions correctly to solve problems.
Writes simple unformatted reports for internal company consumption and letters, summaries and reports for external consumption with good grammar and punctuation.
Translates situations into verbal and written descriptions to clarify problems.

Workplace Skills
Creativity, innovation, adaptation: contributes new ideas and adapts to changes in the workplace.
Diversity awareness and application: communicates and works well with customers and coworkers of different ages, genders, races, socioeconomics, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.
Personal financial literacy: manages personal finances, budgeting and savings.
Professional ethics: abides by workplace policies and laws and demonstrates personal integrity.
Personal hygiene and safety: follows safety guidelines and manages personal health.

Technology Skills
Data and file management: maintains organized business files and follows management systems and appropriate security practices.
Internet use and safety: uses the Internet appropriately for workrelated projects.
Telecommunications: uses communications devices efficiently.

Professional Skills
Personal appearance: appears neat and clean and presents well as a job applicant or employee or candidate seeking promotion.
Time and resource management: punctual, timely with work deadlines, manages time and other resources well.
Lifelong learning: demonstrates desire for continuous learning and interest in new procedures and technology and in improving skills.
Team player: demonstrates commitment to the success of the team, assists others, requests help when needed and resolves conflicts effectively.
Positive work ethic: arrives ready to work, is supportive of accomplishing tasks at hand, completes work assignments in effective and efficient way and is willing to take on additional tasks.
Reasoning, problem solving: identifies, breaks down, prioritizes and resolves problems that arise in completing assigned tasks.
Locating information: knows how to research, locate and ethically apply reliable information to solve problems.
Systems thinking: understands his or her role in fulfilling the mission of this workplace.
Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production