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Repair Technicians

150 new positions on the Virginia Peninsula from 2012 to 2016

Start: $ 9.95/hr. $ 20,700/yr.
Ave: $ 15.70/hr. $ 32,700/yr.


Employer website, Peninsula Worklink, Virginia Employment Commission

Newport News Shipbuilding Apprentice School

Virginia Wizard


Job Description: Repair, test, adjust or install electronic equipment, such as industrial controls, transmitters, and antennas; keep machines, mechanical equipment, or the structure of an establishment in repair.

Education Needed: Requires an AAS or vocational training, or OJT. Certifications: AWS/ASME.

Career Pathway: Employers often prefer applicants with an associate degree in electronics from a community college or technical school, although a high school diploma may be sufficient for some jobs and professional certification often is required. Entry level repairers may begin by working with experienced technicians who provide technical guidance and work independently only after developing the necessary skills. To become certified, applicants must meet several prerequisites and pass a comprehensive written or online examination. Certification demonstrates a level of competency and can make an applicant more attractive to employers, as well as increase one’s opportunities for advancement. Experienced repairers with advanced training may become specialists or troubleshooters who assist other repairers diagnose difficult problems. Workers with leadership skills may become supervisors of other repairers. Some experienced workers open their own repair shops.

WorkKeys Scores Needed:: Applied Math (5), Applied Technology (5), Reading for Information (4), Locating Information (5) and Observation (4)

October 31, 2020


1) Review Essential Skills Below.  Take our skills check up to see how you qualify against employer standards.

2) Visit Employer website, Peninsula Worklink, Virginia Employment Commission to learn about education and training programs.

3) Current employers of record for Repair Technicians:

Essential Skills for Repair Technicians

Technical Skills:
Equipment Selection: determining the kind of tools and equipment needed to do a job.
Judgment and Decision Making: considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one.
Operation and Control: controlling operations of equipment or systems.
Repairing: repairing machines or systems using the needed tools.

Follows directions correctly.
Communicates effectively with customers and fellow employees.
Listens well and applies what is learned.
Reads and applies safety warnings and simpler equipment instructions.
Writes simple unformatted reports with good grammar and punctuation.
Reads and uses manuals to solve problems.
Prepares simple letters, summaries, and originates reports for internal to the company consumption.
Translates situations into verbal and written descriptions to clarify problems.
Speaks well before an audience.

Workplace Skills
Creativity, innovation, adaptation: contributes new ideas and adapts to changes in the workplace.
Diversity awareness and application: communicates and works well with customers and coworkers of different ages, genders, races, socioeconomics, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds.
Professional ethics: Abides by workplace policies and laws, and demonstrates personal integrity.
Personal hygiene and safety: Follows safety guidelines and manages personal health.

Professional Skills
Time and resource management: punctual, timely with work deadlines, manages time and other resources well.
Lifelong learning: demonstrates desire for continuous learning and interest in new procedures and technology and in improving skills.
Team player: demonstrates commitment to the success of the team, assists others, requests help when needed and resolves conflicts effectively.
Positive work ethic: arrives ready to work, is supportive of accomplishing tasks at hand, completes work assignments in effective and efficient way and is willing to take on additional tasks.
Reasoning, problem solving: identifies, breaks down, prioritizes and resolves problems that arise in completing assigned tasks
Systems thinking: understands his or her role in fulfilling the mission of this workplace.
Evaluates quality or performance.